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SMART FILTER gives you these 3 Smart Advantages:
No costly cartridges,
No messy replacements,
No maintenance problem

With the Smart back wash, you can thoroughly clean the internal filters in just 10 seconds and reuse them continuously for life. You no longer need to spend extra time and money to replace filter-cartridges.

With such easy maintenance, your Smart Filter can be thoroughly cleaned regularly, thereby reducing the risk of any built-up in bacteria that often occurs in conventional overused filters.

Smart Filter uses Quick Sand™ for filtration medium. This US-developed medium can filter out particles up to 5-10 microns in size, keeping out almost all unwanted solid particles from your water system and yet allows for an effective backwash.

The elegant Smart Filter stands at only around 3 1/2 feet high and 9 inches in diameter. Made of quality imported material and certified by the American National Safety Institute (ANSI), Smart Filter’s high-strength fiberglass exterior can withstand up to 10.2 bar of pressure. It is built for heavy-duty use and guarantees against weathering and corrosion.

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